Human Resources Services

Most small businesses do not need full time human resources coverage. Nor do they need to call their attorney whenever a question arises. We offer outstanding part-time or 'as needed' coverage from a practitioner's point of view.

Features and Benefits:

Human Resources Audit

Compares current policies and procedures to requirements of state and federal regulations and good business practices.

Policy Manual/Handbook Development

Prepare manual outlining company policies and procedures, employee behavior, and benefits offered.

Organization "Rightsizing" and Outplacement

Assist with planning, selection and communications to employees. Assist those affected with resume preparation, job search and interviewing skills.

Harassment Complaint Investigation and Resolution

Investigate harassment complaints on a timely basis, review results, and recommend alternative solutions and actions as appropriate.

Employee Retention Programs

Analyze turnover causes and develop and implement programs targeted to must retain population.

Employee Communications

Prepare announcements, and notices to ensure information sharing with all employees.

Employee and Wage Surveys

Survey workforce from an employee relations standpoint and conduct wage comparison surveys.

Benefits Analysis

Conduct industry or local survey of benefits programs offered. Recommend adds or takes as appropriate.

Management Training

Conduct formal or informal training sessions with current and newly appointed supervisors to enhance capabilities. Topics include harassment, interviewing, evaluation, discipline, etc.

Job Description Development

Prepare descriptions defining the essential functions of each position, position requirements, and performance measurements.

Management Assessment and Development

Analyze current and potential positions with incumbents and prepare development plan as needed.

Daily HR Operations

Involvement with day-to-day employee/supervisor issues.


Prepare and place ads, screen and select qualified applicants, and communicate actions as appropriate.

Performance Management Programs

Prepare and implement employee evaluation objectives, measurements and documentation.


Evaluate current practices, prepare emergency action plan, hazard communication plan, and safety manual.

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule - Elin Associates, Inc. employs a flexible approach to service fees. Based on a client’s needs and circumstances, fees and expenses will be outlined in a letter prior to initiating the assignment and will be billed on either an hourly, project, or retainer basis.